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Moxxie Crimefighter
02 February 2011 @ 02:48 pm

I've become very unhappy with the state of shamans in Cata. I know quite a few people are tired of me, as well as other shamans, qq'ing, and some people are saying, "well priests have it worse" but if you really look at the numbers, you'll realize they don't. Ask almost any player that has at least 3 of the 4 healing classes at 85 and has done some raiding and they will tell you that there is a HUGE disparity between all 5 healing specs, with Shamans coming in a the bottom. Look at the healing forums, as well as the general forums and the specific class forums, and you'll see the trend. And the upcoming patch is honestly not doing much to fix the problems they are facing.

The problems are much more obvious in 10mans where there is less player stacking and thus much less reason to drop HR or spam CH. In 25s, though they still suffer the same basic problems, they are doing much better then their 10man counterparts.

I am constantly scrounging the forums, the blogs, the websites, looking for any useful information on how to better play my class. And yet I end up coming across the same thing. Shamans, of all specs, are just not in a good place right now. This became really obvious by reading the following 3 completely separate blog posts.

All these three posts are basically stating the same things; Shamans have no CDs, they don't have enough of a mobile arsenal, if people aren't stacked, their thoroughput is completely lacking, and lastly, shamans are someone losing what it means to be shamans. The great things about all three of these posts that they aren't necessarily generic bitching and qqing. They are simply pointing out that there are problems and something should be done. The problem I have with these posts though is that I find myself agreeing far too much with them. I don't like that I'm currently feeling sub par when it comes to healing, or that I'm not doing my best. I don't like that I keep thinking I want to switch classes. I want to be loyal to Cees. I like knowing I can hold my own in any given situation and I'm not currently feeling like that when it comes to resto shamans. Instead, I'm almost feeling like a burden. And though I tell myself it’s not wholly my fault, it doesn’t change how stressful or disconcerting the current situation is.

The first post I recommend is kraylessa's post about healing between Resto Shamans, Holy Paladins and Resto Druids. The first comment she makes that I could have written myself, I agree so much is,  "I did everything I could to try to improve. I respecced multiple times. I reforged all my gear for different stats. I read everything I could on EJ and the WoW forums. But, it turns out that Resto Shaman just plain suck. Shaman throughput is just woefully lacking and mana cost/regen is a major problem. In order to achieve even half-decent throughput, Shaman have to spam high-cost spells that put them OOM quickly. Cutting back to more efficient spells means they might as well not even be healing with as little throughput as they are generating. It says something that one of the more common builds for Resto Shaman involves an Elemental Subspec requiring hit cap to be able to regen mana through DPS. That means there are chunks of fights where Resto Shaman are spamming Lightning Bolt just so they can afford to cast expensive spells in short bursts. I can't believe this is what Blizzard intended for Resto Shaman."

Than later in comparison to how her Holy Paladin is doing she mentions how lacking shamans are in cooldowns, "For every GCD on my Paladin, I have to choose the right ability for that moment and that makes it challenging and fun. On my Shaman I have to resort to basic rotations, depending on my assignment, with no deviation for fear of going OOM even faster."

Finally, she ends up rating the healing specs as follows "

1) Paladin - great throughput, great mana management, great utility
2) Holy Priest - great throughput, decent mana management, great utility
3) Resto Druid - good throughput, good mana management, fair utility
4) Disc Priest - poor throughput, great mana management, good utility
5) Resto Shaman - poor throughput, poor mana management, utility? what's that?"

Next entry I found myself at was the blog entry by Vixsin, on her popular shaman blog, Life in Group5, focused more on shamans a whole rather than just one spec. For her entry, she goes into how Shamans, once a class prided on utility because of their hybridness and willingness to pay the mythical hybrid tax, are now seemingly losing what it means to be a shaman.  She begins with talking about the history of the shaman and how they've played out and changed from Vanilla to BC and BC to Wrath and now, finally Cataclysm. Her final point is probably her strongest;

"Cataclysm marks the latest step towards breaking down the walls of specialization. No longer are there “AOE” classes or “single-target only” dps. No longer are healers categorized by niche—tank healing versus raid healing. No longer are tanks divided between mana sponges and avoidance. As Blizzard has stated time and time again, the goal for this expansion was very simple—bring the player, not the class.

And so, we come to the point at which we now stand—with Paragon and their “optimized” Sinestra raid comp. It is a single fight in game, with no more merit than any others, save the fact that it is intended to be the pinnacle of Tier 11 raiding. So why does it matter that shaman were absent from the World First kill? The short answer is … it doesn’t. It didn’t matter, individually, on any of the previous World Firsts that I showed above either.

What it does demonstrate beyond the trend of low shaman performance, and what I think is missing as a point in the proliferation of QQ threads on the forums, is how incredibly far the game has come. Yes, that’s right—we’ve come such a long way from the days of Vanilla raiding. From raids where multiple shaman were used so that every conceivable buff was covered, to an expansion’s first end boss kill that had exactly zero totems, it took two expansions for WoW to progress from the Sunwell level of specificity and strict raid stacking, to a world with the diversification necessary to support a raid composition defined by qualities other than buffs.

And, ladies and gentlemen, that is my point. Having a raid formed without the constraints of buffs is a great thing. But, Shaman are a class defined by utility, defined by our buffs, told that our totems should matter, and described as having a “high degree of hybridization” by Blizzard’s most notable, and much to his credit, most vocal Designer. For a whole of the previous expansion, we were propped up by those totems and buffs which were ours and ours alone. We sat at the bottom of meters on the first kills of heroic mode encounters, brought along because of the buffs we offered to other classes. But our buffs have now been fully distributed, our massive deeps raid CD parsed out to pures, and the uniqueness of our totems stripped down (except for Resto Shamans’ Mana Tide). We have been left to stand on our class merits alone, and it is … a bittersweet victory indeed."

Finally, on a post on the WoW Forums, Kalanii, a resto shaman from the top US guild, vodka, makes a brilliant post that goes beyond just the typical qq'ing found the forums and instead makes suggestions that face all the current shaman problems face on. She admits that she's currently been sat out on more than one fight because, as vodka is a hardcore progression guild, her class just isn't up to the challenge.  

She states, "The obvious problem with resto at the moment is that we're not competitive on the healing meters.  Thoroughput is an issue, but I don't really believe it's our biggest issue.  I've been sat recently for a ret paladin in off-spec/blue holy gear because he can do similar thoroughput to me (I do often beat him), but he also brings a lot of necessary cooldowns that shamans just don't have.  Over the past 1-2 years Blizzard has decided to homogenize the healing classes, which is fine, but in doing so they have taken away nearly every unique buff shamans bring and given them away without really giving us anything useful in return.  We still have tide, but because most healing classes have their own forms of regen it's more of a "nice to have" thing instead of being a "mandatory" thing, especially when gear levels go up.

Right now, shamans are great if these 3 conditions are met:  1) raid is stacked, 2) raid does not have to move, and 3) raid is at a low HP/taking lots of AOE damage.  If any one of those conditions are not there (aka every fight except Chimaeron), shamans become basically useless compared to other healing classes.  We can do great HPS with these conditions met and while using HR+CH combo.  Otherwise, we're mediocre."

Moxxie Crimefighter
14 December 2010 @ 02:42 pm
So Katy made me this awesome...graphic thingy. I'm going to attempt to scale it down so that it can become my icon. Because it's all sorts of win. I luff her. (she only made it b/c she doesn't like that I'm a shaman but all I have is a bunch of druid stuff. lol)

In other news, Cees is 85. took about 4 days. That last leg between 84 and 85. Oh my fucking god. So slow. SOOO SLOW. It was agony. Not that I didn't enjoy all the quests in Uldum, because I did, but it was jsut painful how slowly my xp bar would move. I haven't healed a heroic yet as I'm waiting for a few guildies to catch up but healing the normals has been interesting. A challenge definitley, but I don't think I have had too much trouble. I guess I'll have to see what happens in heriocs.

I would typically bitch about this on my tumblr but these two specific guys follow me so I am unable. Anyway, there are two guys in my life that like me. a lot. One of them, who's a really good guy friend of mine, has been in love with me for almost as long as I know him. Anyway, both of them,continue to buy me shit, specifically WoW shit. Pets, mounts, etc. At first I was like, aw, that's sweetl. Now it's just kind of awkward. I've told them to stop because I mean, it's not like I need it. But...they don't. I'm not sure if I should start refusing or what. D=

They're both really awesome guys too. I don't want to end our friendship with either. Fuck you feelings. D=Ca
Moxxie Crimefighter
06 December 2010 @ 07:20 pm
I need to find a good program to record warcraft. I'd use fraps but I'm on a mac so it makes it difficult. Gotta start recording guild adventures.

Reblog is just silly. Lol.

This is still one of my all time favourite guild pictures.

Moxxie Crimefighter
21 November 2010 @ 09:25 am
Reblog sort of fucked ourselves over during this weekends run. Our raid make up? Two druids (feral dps and resto), two mages (arcane and frost), two warriors (prot and fury), two priests (shadow and disc) and then blood dk and me as a resto shammy. Yeah. Lack of variety much? lol.

So besides our intersting comp, we also had the fact that the blood dk had only hit 80 the week before and worked his ass off to get 4p t10 so that he could ot. He did amazing, btw. Then the feral dps druid, who has been a bear tank all her life and is in tank gear, is told that if she wants to raid with us this weekend she needs to come on her os. She didn't have one. So two days before she works her ass off on gearing for cat and attempting to learn the rotation asap. Finally our fury warrior was just a last minute guy from guild who had never done ICC in his life and wasn't quite geared for it for Fridays raid but there weren't any other guildies on so we took him. He ended up gearing enough before Saturdays raid that he was in 4p t10 as well. Our frost mage was also a new 80 who had geared within the week.

We still managed to one shot everything but BPC and LK. And both because our raid comp was handicapping us. Last time we had done BCP we had had a warlock who could tank the purple balls but this time we had neither a lock or a hunter. So first we let the DK try. Fail. Then we had our spriest. Fail. Finally we let the frost mage. That works. Continue one shotting everything. Get to LK. People aren't moving out of defile, people aren't switching targets and with our lack of stuns, valkyrs aren't getting shot down fast enough. It was really messy. Transitions especially were bad. From 1 to 1.5, we had too many adds up, including a shambling horror. Then from 1.5 to 2, we'd still have raging spirits up. Finally our 4th attempt, people start catching on the fact that they need to move for defile and that they need to priority kill. Valkrys still get us. So our frost mage, again, comes to the rescue. He switches to his hunter and bam. We're good. It wasn't the neatest LK kill ever, but hey, we do it. And get 4 members Kingslayer.

Being able to get the title for guildies who had all but given up and figured they'd get it after Cata is an awesome feeling.

Random screenshot from the night. This was our sindy kill. It was really funny because our guild leader joked that if we didn't one shot her he was kicking us all from the guild. And then we killed her and he was all, "oh good. you guys can all stay"

Moxxie Crimefighter
06 November 2010 @ 12:53 pm
So I show Kat the picture below of a fail Sindragosa raid I was part of recently. She laughs and responds that she can do me one better. And she shows me one of a guild 25 run. lol.  Oh movement heavy raids.  No one ever moves. =[

Moxxie Crimefighter
31 October 2010 @ 02:02 pm
Moxxie Crimefighter
12 June 2010 @ 12:39 pm
Why do you do this to me? I am already half in love with you.

"to be honest you are the one perso  in London that i liked and more than just in that sexual shit way. like had I been single i really would have liked to kiss you"

I love your girlfriend, but I hate that she's with you
Moxxie Crimefighter
22 May 2010 @ 01:34 am
Saw Robin Hood. Really, really good film. I recommend it.  I enjoyed the fact that it was more about how Robin Hood came to be than the actual legend of Robin Hood. A prequel sort of thing. And damn, Russell Crowe is still mother fucking hot. Yummy.
Moxxie Crimefighter
13 May 2010 @ 06:27 pm
I haven't played WoW for a month. I am missing ICC raids. Not that it matters since the guild broke up. But still. I am 11/12 on both 10 man and 25 man heroic. I am also one achievement away from the Glory of the Icecrown Raider(25) Mount.

I am a sad child right now.
Moxxie Crimefighter
02 February 2010 @ 11:36 pm
There was a girl. She should have been doing homework but instead was goofing on around online, playing some WoW, chatting with friends, essentially, procrastination. The Gods of the Universe did not like that so they decided to retaliate. How? Well, by dropping many a verbal bomb on her and killing her computer via all sorts of nefarious acts, including but not limited to wiping her iPod of all the audio joys she listened to regularly. They also made it so that she had to uninstall her WoW folder and reinstall it, a battle which is currently going on. And, as any knowledgeable person knows, will be a battle to go on for quite some time. Maybe even to Saturday morning. Oh how the mighty have fallen. And still this girl has not learned her lesson. Will she ever? Only time will tell.